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The design, development, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping of our product is a multinational process.  Though this process makes our products more expensive to produce, we draw from the best technologies and people from around the world to bring the best products to the game of fastpitch softball.  RINGOR works closely with our production facilities on a daily basis to ensure the highest standards for quality and safety are used in the making of our products.

RINGOR employs Quality Control at every stage of the Manufacturing process.

Design & Development Stage

  1. Compilation of customer feedback
  2. Synthesis of current product development and customer feedback
  3. New product idea generation
  4. Cross testing of new product ideas with 6 Standards of Development
  5. Qualifying designs sent to sketching team
  6. Initial model sketching
  7. Focus group feedback
  8. Adjustments to original design sketches
  9. Development team approval
  10. Blueprinting and CAD design
  11. Full scale model production
  12. Production specification testing
  13. Materials selection
  14. Materials testing
  15. Testing sample construction
  16. Product samples provided to product testing team
  17. Wear tests and feedback
  18. Design alterations if applicable
  19. Retesting if applicable
  20. Final design team approval

  Raw Material Generation Stage

  1. Blueprints & CAD designs separated for component generation
  2. Steel outsole injection molds cut, cleaned, tested and polished
  3. Steel midsole compression molds cut, cleaned, tested and polished
  4. Steel insole compression molds cut, cleaned, tested and polished
  5. Material cutting dies cut, shaped, sharpened, tested and labeled
  6. Pebax, TPU or rubber material production for outsoles
  7. Phylon (EVA) material production for midsoles and insoles
  8. Leather, mesh, neoprene and fabric material production for uppers
  9. Additional component material production
  10. Final approval by development team

Product Component Manufacturing Stage

  1. Outsole component injection molding
  2. Outsole component assembly
  3. Midsole compression molding
  4. Insole compression molding
  5. Insole component assembly
  6. Upper component material die cutting
  7. Upper component staging
  8. Product component batching for Completion Stage
  9. All components tested against Quality Standards
  10. Final approval by design & development team

Product Completion Stage

  1. Uppers assembled
  2. Upper "lasting" process
  3. Pitching Toe (if applicable) bonding and stitching
  4. Upper to Outsole Bonding
  5. Upper to Midsole Bonding
  6. Insole placement and upper lacing
  7. Final Quality Control approval by production team
  8. Final approval by design and development team
  9. Product packaging
  10. Product shipping