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What makes RINGOR cleats different from other brands?

As the only company to focus entirely on women’s fastpitch, we bring a fusion of design passion and a genuine love for the game.  You’ll find that no other cleat on the market can match RINGOR’s comfort, durability and overall quality.  This passion for design and development creates footwear specifically for the female fastpitch softball player based on the specific needs, requests and demands that they place on their shoes.

What is the RINGOR Ring-Grip™ pattern?

The RINGOR Ring-Grip Cleat/Spike Pattern™ is the genesis of the RINGOR brand, making it the industry’s first circular cleat/spike pattern designed to promote comfort, safety and overall performance.  The Ring-Grip Pattern is designed to “cradle” the ball of the foot, over the Flex-Point™, allowing the shoes to bend with the natural physiology of your foot.  All RINGOR cleats/spikes have a circular pattern uniquely fitting the needs of the fastpitch softball game, including quick and decisive bursts of speed in multiple directions.

Are RINGOR cleats designed to “rotate” on the ground?

No.  RINGOR cleats are designed to reduce resistance, cradle the ball of the foot and create directional traction that meets the demands of fastpitch softball.  This is achieved by combining the Ring-Grip Pattern, F.A.S.T. Arch™, and raised heel to provide the player with maximum directional traction and the ability to unload pressures to the foot when pivoting in a new direction, reducing strain on the knee and ankle.  These design qualities should not be confused with “rotating” on the ground, which would be an indicator of a loss of traction.

What is the APMA Seal of Acceptance™ and how did RINGOR products receive it?

The APMA is an acronym for American Podiatric Medical Association.  The APMA awards specific consumer products with its Seal of Acceptance once they have met very specific criteria and testing requirements.  Products must demonstrate that they “provide quality and effectiveness in allowing for normal foot function and promote good foot health.”  To date, RINGOR Diamond Star™ and Diamond Gem™ spikes and cleats are the FIRST and ONLY cleated footwear, in any sport, to receive the prestigious APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Does RINGOR offer an interchangeable cleat?

Our research and experience has proven to us that interchangeable cleats do not meet our rigorous durability standards for the game of fastpitch softball.  It is our belief that interchangeable cleats require too much responsibility on the part of the customer to maintain hardware.  Our goal at RINGOR is to provide our customers with less worry, less maintenance and more value for their money.  We focus our efforts on creating this value in our metal spikes and our non-metal cleats.  We want you to focus on the game, not on maintaining hardware.

What is the difference between RINGOR metal spikes and RINGOR non-metal cleats?

RINGOR metal spike outsoles are constructed with a lightweight Pebax® nylon base with tempered steel spikes.  RINGOR non-metal cleat outsoles are constructed from either injection molded TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or rubber for the base and cleats.

Should I choose RINGOR metal spikes or RINGOR non-metal cleats?

It is important to first understand if metal spikes are disallowed by any of the governing bodies under which you’ll play.  Metal spikes are typically worn by professional, international, collegiate and some high school & travel softball players, depending on age.  Metal spikes provide the highest level of traction available and are commonly worn by players with advanced fastpitch experience.  Non-metal cleats provide excellent traction on all types of playing surfaces, and are worn by players at all levels of play. 

Whether you decide to purchase metal spikes or non-metal cleats from RINGOR, both have received the prestigious APMA Seal of Acceptance for providing quality and effectiveness in allowing for normal foot function and promoting good foot health.

How should I care for my RINGOR cleats?

To increase the lifespan of your RINGOR cleats, it’s important to care for them properly.  Be sure to remove your cleats after use on the field.  To help reduce internal breakdown of the cleats, untie them before removal.  Simply “kicking” them off will reduce the structure of the heel and midsole and may cause separation in this area.  Try not to walk excessively on pavement or gravel as this will shorten the lifespan of metal spikes and TPU cleats.  Try to keep your cleats dry, and be sure to remove them from your bag to dry after playing in wet conditions.  RINGOR insoles are designed for quick and easy replacement, and you’ll be surprised at how a new pair of insoles will breathe “new life” into a well-played pair of RINGOR cleats. 

RINGOR uses action leather in the construction of our cleats.  This leather requires minimal maintenance and has been coated.  You’ll notice that RINGOR cleats will have a slight “shine”.  The coating allows the shoes to clean up easily, and to help provide water resistant qualities.  You may treat your RINGOR cleats with any leather cleaner or polish.  However, we encourage you to not apply leather cleaner or polish over the top of fabrics such as stitching or mesh, as it may discolor.

Do RINGOR cleats come in a wider width?

Yes.  RINGOR is the only brand to offer women’s fastpitch softball cleats in a variety of widths.  When developing our sizing standards, we based our sizing on customer requests for wider, more athletic women’s footwear specifically suited for the conditions of the fastpitch softball game.  This requires that RINGOR products are made in a C width instead of the industry-standard women’s athletic B width.  To further meet the demands of the fastpitch customer, RINGOR offers an additional, wider D width option in our women’s spikes and cleats.

Does RINGOR make pitching toes?

Yes.  In fact, RINGOR was the first brand to design and develop a manufactured-on protective pitching toe option.  Our Pro-Tec-Toes™, or PTT™, is an application of compression molded rubber that is glued and stitched onto select models during the manufacturing process.  Any footwear on this website that features the term Pro-Tec-Toes or PTT indicates that this model comes equipped with this popular feature on both right and left shoes. 

With over a decade of research & development experience, RINGOR fully understands the intense demands placed on a shoe exposed to drag.  This added value comes standard in every RINGOR Pro-Tec-Toes model.  When looking for a pair of shoes that will hold up to the demands of pitching, look for a pair that comes with a decade of game-proven durability.

Who should buy RINGOR cleats with Pro-Tec-Toes™?

While originally designed to meet the demanding needs of fastpitch softball pitchers, Pro-Tec-Toes are a great choice for catchers and other position players who need extra drag-toe protection on their cleats.  RINGOR shoes with Pro-Tec-Toes offer excellent overall playability for all positions.

Can the RINGOR Pro-Tec-Toes be replaced?

Since RINGOR Pro-Tec-Toes are manufactured onto the shoes during construction, they are designed to be permanently adhered.  Therefore, since they are not removable from the footwear, they are not replaceable.

Are RINGOR cleats heavy?

If you’re new to RINGOR, don’t be influenced by “old talk”.  RINGOR pioneered the women’s fastpitch softball shoe over a decade ago by developing the first cleated footwear specifically designed for a woman’s foot.  At this time that we set our high standards of quality for product development – standards that our competition chooses not to meet.  At RINGOR, we love competition and understand that it is part of the game.  However, as a consumer, we understand the power of information when making an educated decision.  If you have experience with the RINGOR brand, you know that we have continually improved our products without compromising our standards.

Instead of a single standard of “lightweight”, RINGOR adheres to our 6 Standards of Development.  In the spirit of our 6th Standard, Innovation, RINGOR has achieved light weight without compromise.  This achievement can be purchased in the Diamond Star and Diamond Gem Spike and Cleat lines.

RINGOR set out to change the game through a fusion of design passion and a love for the game.  RINGOR products are built with input from our customers, not our competition.  When you speak, we listen; and we will never produce a product that isn’t true to the game and the athletes who play it.

Can I use orthotics with RINGOR cleats?

Every RINGOR shoe is made with a removable insole, making it ideal for the placement of orthotics.  Players that require the use of orthotics will find that they are easily placed inside RINGOR shoes without compromising the overall fit.

It should be noted that RINGOR is the first and only cleated shoe to receive the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance for providing quality and effectiveness in allowing for normal foot function and promoting good foot health.  It is our experience that some players who have used orthotics in other brands of cleated footwear have found their use unnecessary with RINGOR cleats.