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As the only brand to focus entirely on women's fastpitch softball, RINGOR understands the product expectations of the female athlete and the sport in which she plays.  RINGOR products are built with the specific input of fastpitch softball players.  We understand the game of fastpitch like no other, and craft our products to seamlessly integrate with the unique demands placed on them by the player.

In order to meet these demands, one common trait must exist with all RINGOR products: Quality.

Design Quality

RINGOR products are designed with the female fastpitch softball player in mind.  From footwear designed specifically for her foot to apparel designed for her athletic movements, RINGOR products are designed to compliment the fastpitch player.  Premium examples of this Design Quality is the Ring-Grip™ Cleat Pattern or the Flex-Zone™ Lycra® paneling found on our GameSpeed™ apparel line. 

Material Quality

When selecting materials for use in RINGOR products, the only question that we ask is: "is this the best material available".  When that material qualifies, then and only then is that material selected for RINGOR products.  For example, we use genuine leather uppers in our footwear not synthetic like many other brands.  We also use the highest grade of TPU in our non-metal cleat outsole and 400D Cordura fabric in our All Access™ Bags.  We don't select our materials or components based on price - we select them based on how they perform.

Manufacturing Quality

To ensure RINGOR Quality on every product we manufacture, RINGOR works tirelessly to ensure a commitment to quality throughout our manufacturing process.  We employ rigorous Quality Control checkpoints during manufacturing.  This ensures that the finished RINGOR product exemplifies the original design and material selection processes.  Learn more about RINGOR's manufacturing process.

Service Quality

RINGOR understands that simply making a quality product doesn't necessarily fulfill all of the needs of the customer.  It's of equal importance to provide quality service to support those products.  RINGOR demonstrates this commitment to the customer by providing an industry-leading warranty, exemplary Customer Care personnel and the ability to communicate with RINGOR directly.